30-minute at-home ab workout

This class will boost your endurance while strengthening and sculpting your abs and core.
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HIIT abs

  • Instructor: Jenna Langhans
  • Difficulty level: Open, beginners and advanced levels both welcome
  • Body focus: Full body, core
  • Equipment
  • Exercise mat, towel, water
  • Class duration
  • 29:10
  • Workout structure
  • You’ll get your blood flowing with a warmup of jumping jacks, air squats, and dynamic hip openers. Once warm, Jenna will lead you through a set of cardio ab movements. You’ll then drop it to the mat for core focused exercises, including crunches and sit ups. At the end, you’ll cool down with deep breathing and stretching.
  • Class description
  • Our fat burning 30-minute ab workout is the most effective way to tone and sculpt your core. This abs workout video will target your upper abs, side abs and lower abs. This cardio ab class is great for all runners. Add this HIIT Abs class to your morning routine to train your core and strengthen your chest and abs. Afterwards, cool down with stretches. No equipment needed.

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