Express 10-minute barre workout video

Get a quick workout with this 10-minute barre class which is perfect for beginners.
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Express barre home video workout

  • Instructor: Amanda Robinson
  • Difficulty level: Open - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Body focus: Legs, Glutes, Core, Arms
  • Equipment
  • Light set of weights. Chair (as a “bar” or anything to hold on to). Pilates mat optional for floor work.
  • Class duration
  • 10:58
  • Workout structure
  • You’ll get your body warmed up by moving the legs in place and firing up your obliques. After dynamic hip openers, you’ll grab your light weights and begin arm exercises. Relevé holds will help to improve balance. Once you start to feel the burn in your arms and legs, you’ll transition to the barre to work the waistline and the glutes.
  • Class description
  • Using light weights, this Express Barre workout will strengthen and balance your body with low-impact movement, isometric holds and cardio focused combinations. With 10 minutes, you will be able to warm up your body, build on muscle endurance with light weights, and utilize the barre to tone the glutes and legs by keeping everything long and lengthened. For beginners, the barre exercise can be a stand alone workout or a supplement to other livestream at-home workouts. This class is best performed barefoot or with barre socks.

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