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Long gone are the days where bouldering was reserved for Mt. Everest enthusiasts and outdoorsmen. Now, bouldering is a popular indoor and outdoor workout for just about everyone. Since it’s still a fairly new concept in the fitness scene, many people still don’t know why bouldering is beneficial. An hour of bouldering burns anywhere from 500 to 900 calories on average.

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is rock climbing without a rope, and is typically about a maximum of a 20-foot climb that lasts about five minutes or less. Bouldering isn’t necessarily a form of cardio, but it is definitely physically difficult.

How is bouldering different from rock climbing?

Bouldering focuses on rock climbing fundamentals, but doesn’t include climbing to great heights. While with rock climbing you focus on climbing to the top of the rock wall while, with bouldering, the maximum rock wall height is going to be around 10 feet. Instead of focusing on climbing to the top, the goal is to strengthen your skills, and work on moving horizontally across the wall.
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How to get better at bouldering

Practice is the best way to get better at bouldering. Bouldering requires great total body strength — including hand strength and grip strength — so the best thing you can do is to boulder as much as possible. In-between bouldering sessions, you can also try. You can also improve your upper body strength by doing traditional strength training to help increase upper body strength.

What to wear bouldering

Bouldering is an active sport, so you should wear athletic clothing while bouldering. It’s best to opt for something semi-form-fitting while bouldering.

How much does bouldering cost?

Bouldering will cost a different price depending on the studio you’re visiting, the city you’re in and whether you’re bouldering in nature or not. You can boulder in nature, which is free. Or you can go to a gym, which typically But if not, your bouldering session is going to costs between $10 and $40 per session.

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