Day Pass at Brooklyn Boulders

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Brooklyn Boulders and were last updated on 5/24/21.

Mask-wearing policies

Staff + community members are required to wear a mask at all times within the facility unless proof of vaccination has been presented. Bandanas, gaiters, and neck buffs are no longer considered acceptable face coverings. Shirt and shoes are also required.

Social distancing measures

To make it easy for all to abide by social distancing guidelines, you’ll find route, floor, and flow markings installed to indicate the appropriate places to climb and stand while maintaining 6 feet of distance between staff, guests, and members.

Extra sanitation

We will be increasing our staff and the frequency of our cleanings. All high-touch surfaces will be cleaned every two hours with each facility fully deep-cleaned daily. We will be using hospital grade disinfectants and electrostatic sprayers to ensure surfaces are thoroughly disinfected.

Limited capacity

Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge is operating at limited capacity and following the capacity guidelines set forth by health officials.

Sun, Dec 5
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