Yihan Spa

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Yihan Spa and were last updated on 3/18/21.

Temperature checks

A quick, simple, non-invasive temperature check will be performed on all clients and staff members as they enter the spa.

Social distancing measures

During your visit to Yihan Spa, we ask all clients to maintain a minimum of 6-feet from other guests and staff. We ask all guests to practice social distancing during check-in and check-out. Floor marker are in place to indicate safe distance. Visitors are temporarily not allowed.

Ventilation system

The spa is ventilated each morning and at night. Fresh air is circulated throughout the spa.

Mask-wearing policies

Clients and staff are required to wear mask. Staff will wear masks during treatments and a face shield as an enhanced safety measure. The State of New York requires clients wear a mask when in the supine (face up) position during the massage. One is not required in the prone (face down) position.

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